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About Us

Plast is a Ukrainian Scouting Organization for both boys and girls. Founded in Lviv, Ukraine in 1911, Plast has spread to many countries around the globe, including the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Argentina, Australia, Germany, Poland, and others. Our goal is to provide an amazing Scouting experience and provide fun, hands-on learning about nature, teamwork, and our Ukrainian heritage.  Plast doesn't discriminate among its members by education, faith, social or economic class. Anyone who recognizes Plast's principles, strives to live by them and aims for the standards set by Plast's goal is welcome to be a member.

Similar to Boy Scouts of America or Girl Scouts of the USA, Plast divided into different age categories.  The youngest "Plastuny" (Пластyни) or Scouts, age 6-11yr, are "Novaky" (Новаки) for boys or "Novachky" (Новачки) for girls, whereas adolescents, аґе 12-18yr, are "Yunaky" (Юнаки) for boys or "Yunachky" (Юначки) for girls.  Plastuny are encouraged to remain active lifelong; "Starshi Plastuny" (Старші Пластyни, translates to "Older Scouts") 18-35 yr or "Seniory" (Сенйори) 36+yr frequently become counsellors, part of  the leadership, or simply help coordinate an event.

We meet Saturdays at 1-2pm in the Westland Middle School, 5511 Massachusetts Ave, Bethesda, MD 20816-1932.  Our calendar year follows the school calendar and typically runs from September to May/June.

In addition to the weekly Troop meetings, our branch has frequent events and activities. Recent  excursions have included white water rafting, ropes course climbing, ice skating, Historic Ships of Baltimore, and a tour of a local Fire Department station.

For more information about Plast, please go to the website or click on this link.  For more information about Plast Washington, DC (or Plast DC for short), please click on the Contact Us button below:

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