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What is Ptashata?  Ptashata (fledgling birds) are the youngest Plastuny from 4-5 years of age. Concepts reflect the principles of Plast, confirm Ukrainian culture and Ukrainian language, and prepare children to enter Novatstvo.

What are the requirements?  Children ages 4-5 years must be enrolled in Ukrainian school (in grade Svitlychka 4 or Pidhotovcha) or consistently enrolled in Ukrainian tutoring. Parental participation at all events is mandatory; this is not a drop-off activity.

What do Ptashata do?  Ptashata usually gathers every Saturday for games, singing, sports, arts and crafts. Ptashata may also be invited to ceremonies and outdoor excursions with older Plastuny (novatstvo and yunatstvo).

What is the role of parents?  This is not a drop-off activity. Parents actively participate in all skhodyny (meetings), nature walks and other activities of Ptashata. Each child’s parent is required to organize and lead at least 2  sxhodyny (meetings) each school year.

When/where are meetings?  Meetings are normally every Saturday after class at the Taras Shevchenko School of Ukrainian at 1:10pm-1:55pm at Westland Middle School.

What is the cost?  Registration costs $40 per school year.

How do I register?  Register via TeamSnap here:

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