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September 2022 - Start of the Plast Year!

СКОБ! Привіт!

We welcome all of our returning Plastovi families as well as new families joining our wonderful stanytsia! Our Vidkryttia Roku (Opening Ceremonies) will be taking place in the school cafeteria on Saturday September 10th at 1:15pm (after the conclusion of Ukrainian school). We ask that all children please change into their povni odnostroyi (Plast uniforms).

Also I am incredibly excited to announce that for the first time ever in PlastDC, we are starting a rij Ptashata for kids ages 4-5 years old (older Svitlychka class in Ukrainian school). For Ptashata, we mandate that a parent/guardian is present with their child during each skhodyny. Also, to equally share in the responsibility, parents will rotate each week as to who will lead the ptashata skhodyny (we expect that you will only need to lead about once every 2 months). For Vidkryttia Roku, ptashata can be dressed in vyshyvanky.

If you have not yet registered your kids for PlastDC this year, please click on the following link:

Lastly, if you are interested in joining our Stanychna Starshyna (PlastDC Board) or are new to Plast and have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at

We have a really fun year of events, trips, and projects planned!

See you all soon!


Андрій Демидович


Пласт Вашингтон

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